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We are able to supply only or supply and install your infrared sauna.

A Safe, Natural, Proven Therapy

Far infrared energy is the safest, most healing and beneficial part of the sun's light spectrum. It is totally natural and is actually emitted by our own body's (which we use in healing therapies such as Reiki).

When purchasing from Canberra Infrared Saunas you will find that Therapy Saunas use the same soothing warmth that plants and our own bodies thrive on and use this energy to create a deep sweat in total comfort, at a reasonable temperature and without any stress or hard work.

The Bodies' Need to Sweat

Modern life exposes the body to toxins and chemicals on a daily basis. Processed foods, stress, pollution and makeup (just to name a few) clog the pores in the skin (the bodies largest organ) and cause a build up of toxins in the fat cells. Without regular sweating, these harmful materials affect our appearance, weight and overall health.

Traditional v Infrared Saunas

Traditional saunas heat from the outside inwards, using high temperatures to make the body sweat. They take a long time to heat up, are relatively inefficient at detoxification and can be uncomfortable and stressful for the body.

Canberra Saunas Far infrared saunas, however, work at a much more comfortable 35-45 degrees. Far Infrared heat is able to penetrate up to 6cm into the body, inducing 2-3 times more sweat and drawing up to 7 times the chemicals and toxins from cells deep within the body.

Canberra Saunas infrared Therapy Saunas are a much more comfortable and efficient way to detoxify the body while enjoying a feeling of well being and a wide range of other health benefits.

Easy, Fast, Efficient and Portable

Canberra Saunas Infrared saunas heat up quickly and the energy is absorbed into your body very efficiently so you only need 30-45 minutes per session to receive the full benefits. They plug into a standard power point and because they use very little energy they are cheap to use and eco-friendly. If you move houses, don't worry - you can pull your sauna down and re-assemble it in around an hour.

Enjoy Eight Therapies in One

Detox Therapy
Helps expel heavy metals, toxins and fatty acids from cells deep within your body.

Cardiovascular and Immuno Therapy
Increases metabolism and circulation, giving your heart, arteries and veins a regular workout. Helps boost your immune system and regulate blood pressure.

Derma Therapy
Helps break down fat and cellulite, remove oils, rnakeup and toxins from the skin and encourage circulation and cell repair for cleaner, more toned and healthier looking skin. Great for acne and skin conditions.

Weight Loss Therapy
Infrared energy increases your bodies metabolism which helps remove built up fats while burning up to 600 calories per 30 minute session.

Pain Relief and Mobility Therapy
Heat and increased blood circulation helps relieve joint and muscle stiffness, while reducing pain and assisting with cell repair and mobility. Great for arthritis sufferers.

Sports Injury and Healing Therapy
Infrared heat increases blood circulation which assists recovery from sports and other injuries. It is also effective before sports to reduce muscle damage and improve flexibility.

Stress and Relaxation Therapy
Infrared heat is the perfect way to reduce stress and relax muscles. In addition, every Sauna comes with Sound, Colour and Aroma Therapy to help you relax, de-stress and revitalise. Put on your favourite music, choose an aroma and colour to suit your mood and RELAX.

Foot Therapy
If you spend time on your feet - or have trouble with gout, diabetes or poor circulation then you will benefit from our exclusive foot heaters which target heat and energy to stimulate circulation and cell repair exactly where it's needed


Compare the Features and Quality

Carbon Fibre Heating Elements
The most efficient and "even" way to distribute infra-red energy. These state of the art elements are more expensive but work better and do not break like ceramic elements.

More Heaters
Infrared Therapy Saunas have more heaters in order to provide more infrared energy than our competitors.

Foot heater
Many people experience foot and circulation problems so we fitted an infrared heater into the tloor to target and treat these problems (Can be switched off separate to other heaters).

Stylish Contemporary Design
Our modern designs, stainless steel trims and overall build quality put Infrared Therapy Saunas in a league of their own - an appealing and valuable addition to any home or business.

Premium Strength & Build Quality
All walls are insulated and built with 3 layer laminate construction. Quality heaters and fittings and a superior finish add to the appeal and quality of our saunas.

Maximum Comfort & Privacy
Contoured seating and back / recliner supports ensure maximum comfort. Full length glass overcoming the feeling of claustrophobia you get in some saunas.

Maximum Safety
All Therapy Saunas are made from untreated, clear heart "hemlock" spruce. There are no toxic glues or chemicals used in the construction process.

Sauna Tech Electronic Control System
Dual digital control panels allow you to control the temperature and lights from inside or out. Unlike cheaper brands with very basic electronics and dodgy or illegal wiring, our saunas are tested and designed for safety and long life. Ask to see the main (roof top) control unit in other brands and the difference will be obvious.

5 Year Warranty
Every Therapy Sauna is covered by a 5 year warranty on all components. Excluding Lights and Stereo. Commercial operations have a 12 month warranty.

Ebay Infrared Saunas may be cheaper but are they safe and are they backed by a local company who are there when things go wrong? Sometimes a cheap Infrared sauna can be an expensive sauna!!